The Mainichi

Delighted and honoured to be in The Mainichi’s Haiku in English – Best of 2018.



darkening sky…

the smell of rain

before it rains

clinging to yesterday’s dream

a dried branch on a birch tree



Blithe Spirit Vol 29 Number1


summer showers

summarising the year

a raven and a magpie


glass half full—

a bolt from the blue

I realise otherwise


slipping away

another year—

my unread books


Blithe Spirit Vol 29 Number 1


midnight take off pilot’s day voice


dawn monk’s chant contours the mountain


scaling a wall a cat for the moon


sweeping the street the eyes of a stray dog


white breeze of canna lilies twilight


ancient banyan my sunken roots


midnight encounter

cockroach and I in retreat


(Otata 39 March 2019)