9 thoughts on “Monoku

      • I’m enjoying the differences with each choice of the issues!

        I think my journal might be the first one to feature Zuihitsu alongside haibun, tanka story, and kyoka story too!

        No one issue can look like another. Issue #1 was very special and cannot be replicated. So each new issue has to be a special issue.

        Issue #2: haibun, tanka story, kyoka story, and Zuihitsu.
        April 19th submissions open with a new email that will be revealed then.

        Autumn submission window:
        Issue #3: haiku only, and natural history haiku.
        Priority given to natural history featuring birds!

        Hope you submit to one or even both issues!

        warm regards,

        Blo͞o Outlier Journal
        Founding Editor, Alan Summers

      • Will submit to both. I am glad it’s on line too, easy access. Thanks again Alan, wishing you all the best. Warm regards, Madhuri

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