Issue 10 of Failed Haiku is Online!

Issue 10 of Failed Haiku.

Failed Haiku

This issue is the usual eclectic mix of senryu and senryuish poetry! Lots to like here, and an enjoyable tour of the senryu form in all it’s various colors!

Cast List
In order of appearance
(all work copyrighted by the authors)

Julie Warther
Dan Schwerin and Julie Warther
(Julie Warther and Angela Terry)
Willie R. Bongcaron
Ashish Narain
Gail Oare
Simon Hanson
Eva Limbach
Theophilus ‘Femi Alawonde
Jerry Dreesen
Pris Campbell
Pat Davis
Maeve O’Sullivan
Garry Eaton
Steve Smolak
Dave Read
Madhuri Pillai
Ian Willey
Jesus Chameleon
Fatma Gultepe
Michael O’Brien
Jo Balistreri
Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Bruce H Feingold
Elmedin Kadric
Rachel Sutcliffe
Debbie Strange
Guliz Mutlu
Bruce Jewett
Olivier Schopfer
Nells Wasilewski
Adjei Agyei-Baah
Marietta McGregor
Lorin Ford
Lynn Edge
Nola Frawley
Nancy May
Chen-ou Liu
Lynette Arden
Angela Terry
Nathan Hassall
Celestine Nudanu
Robert Witmer
Christina Sng
Kwaku Feni Adow
Barbara Kaufmann

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