First Issue Ready for Viewing

First issue of Failed Haiku.

Failed Haiku

First, let me wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Our first issue exceeded my own expectations. I am very thankful for all the poets who submitted their work for this new effort. Senryu is a form that can often be ignored, and is considered by some a ‘poor cousin’ to the haiku. Not so!

You will find 53 pages of senryu in this our first issue. I actually hope to grow that number in the future. Failed Haiku is published in PDF format. You can read it online by bookmarking the URL below, download it to your own computer and create a folder for this and future issues, and have access to the work published here whenever you wish. You are also encouraged to share this link with anyone, and help spread the word to others. We will also be Tweeting the poems so that others can read…

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2 thoughts on “First Issue Ready for Viewing

  1. So glad I “found” this site. I am going to save the magazine and then I can sit down and listen to it at my leisure. Oh, I said listen, and that is because I am blind and use adaptive technology for the blind to do all my work on the computer. Last year to celebrate National Poetry Month in April, I began to search out information on tanka – and I am still at it! What an adventure it has been.

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