Law suit against reality, by Ken Jones

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The Existential Tragedy

Kujomidzu, Japan. Photo © Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)The typical human condition, cast upon an ocean of impermanence and insubstantiality, is one of profound existential anxiety, of a heartfelt sense of ‘lack’ This is commonly veiled by the degree of success in experiencing whatever imparts a sense of emotional security and a sufficiently strong sense of self-identity, both individual and collective. Especially in modernity, individual achievement and acquisitiveness, as well as the more traditional belongingness, are endeavours for achieving ‘this’. These, however, are precarious never enough and always threatened by ‘that’ – which is to say everything that threatens to undo the well fortified sense of self that may have been achieved. In Hubert Benoit’s metaphor, this is our long and ultimately unwinnable lawsuit with reality, a lawsuit, incidentally, which is now becoming evident on an historical and global scale. . Krishnamurti dramatically expressed it when, in front of an audience, he displayed a…

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Tuesday Poems – Michael Leunig


Michael Leunig, my favourite cartoonist and poet.

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Some of you may not know the poetry of the great Australian poet and cartoonist,Michael Leunig. I am a great fan and am taking this week to send you some links so that you can enjoy him too.  He is funny, clever, quirky, whimsical and so so perceptive of the human condition.

Some of his work now appears as animations on you tube.  One of my MANY favourites is ‘Get A Life‘ It just tickles my heart strings every time! apologies the links are  not working at present but all you need to do is google Get a Life, Leunig  you tube. Michael Leunig’swebsite has a number of poems including one which I particularly love, called When the Heart. It starts as below and is the second poem on his poetry page.

‘When the heart
Is cut or cracked or broken,
Do not clutch…

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